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Tough Guy Mountain hosted the first ever Symposium on the Aesthetics of Social Innovation, to define what the colors, concepts, logos, and faces of Social Innovation would be now, and forever.
Pages Unbound Festival asks Tough Guy Mountain the hard questions. Joan Popular and Ivan Phone do their best.
We are very proud to introduce the completion of our collaboration with Tough Guy Mountain Artist-Brand in Residence, Maya Ben David & the Slime Girls! This video Story represents the culmination of all the work Maya & Slimeco have done with TGM so far. Thank Maya from all the Interns here at TGM!

Footage from "Tough Guy Mountain: a play," Performed at Summerworks 2015 Tough Guy Mountain: a play; a bright eyed intern begins her first day of work at a fantastical company that exists in a dimension called the brandscape. See it at SummerWorks 25, in Factory Theatre !!!
Tough Guy Mountain: a play may look a lot like the lives of its audiences. Intern Lisa begins the first day of her unpaid internship at the extra-dimensional, hypercapitalist corporation called Tough Guy Mountain. Beginning in Intern Purgatory, she makes quick friends with the Holographic Intern Greeter Simulator, and quick enemies with Intern Stan (the eternal token intern).

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Brand an Intern, Place a Product, or Sponsor a Scene in the upcoming "Tough Guy Mountain: a play" which will be presented as part of SummerWorks Performance Festival 2015
Have you ever wondered: just what is tough guy mountain? Intern Stan helps you out with some helpful pointers that will get you going.
When the executives take some time off from a Tough Guy Mountain Seminar to get some Sandwiches, things go a little crazy...
Ever displeased with your performance around the office? Think that you could use an encouraging boost to help you lead a more productive, and positive day? Tough Guy Mountain introduces a new content way: Teaches Typing, a guide that won't just teach you typing, but will also teach you about life in general.
Tough Guy Mountain has always been a great philanthropist, but now we're a great philanthropist of the arts, too. Tough Guy Mountain presents a performance art narrative about interns, crowdfunding, and work; made in collaboration with the Kickstarter Community. Everyday, Art Businesses like Tough Guy Mountain create internships for Gifted, Unique, Individuals. In a competitive labor environment, those internships can be the only chance for those individuals to gain valuable hands-on experience from inside the industry.
Tough Guy Mountain is a Tight Knit Corporate Community, and every winter solstice the Executives of the Mountain gather together all the little interns, and the little helpless interns perform "The Intern Song" for the executives. It's a song about what it's like to be an intern on Tough Guy Mountain.
TGM Executives Ivan Phone and Joan Popular bleed their hearts over the plight of the Canadian Intern. "Be Generous, So We Don't Have To Be." -Exec. Ivan Phone
Thank You For Supporting Our Kickstarter!!! Intern Stan here with your Day Planner for July 14th 2015!
Thanks TGM Kickstarter Supporters for this Cup Of Coffee! I sure do enjoy it! (Warning HOT)
A great demo of how Exec Mail can change your corporate office
The opening night gala for Tough Guy Mountain's Condomaxium Condominium Complex Creative Cloud.
Tough Guy Mountain is a fresh new multi-media art business that produces total works of art. Visit:
Tough Guy Mountain presents, The Pee Feet Twooze, their latest line of Liquid Footwear! If your sporting goods company is interested in joining the 21st century of footwear, please visit If you are interested in writing about the PEE FEET TWOOZE in a magazine or News PAper or a Fashion Blog, please call 647 214 1910.
Ever need that extra bit of time while out and about with your little brats? Introducing the Tough Guy Mountain Pee Feet Twooze : YOUNG CHAMPIONS™.
Another great explanation of a great production by a great company. Enjoy, we know you will.
Pee Feet Twooze has authorized the development of new COLOUR WAVES, using the chemistry of your body to create delightful COLOUR FLAVOURS