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Supporting the Arts

Performance at Whippersnapper Gallery, Nuit Blanche 2014


The arts inspire communities to reach for new heights, to ascend to new levels and obtain new experiences. That is why Tough Guy Mountain’s corporate community facilitated an artistic community at Nuit Blanche in 2014.

By allowing artists to occupy the bottom floor of its pop-up office at Whippersnapper gallery, Tough Guy Mountain can look down at the progress being made in its very own micro-artistic community driven project. The emerging artists can look up at Tough Guy Mountain’s corporate community and know they have support from above.

Throughout the night, the contract between artist and arts supporter is altered, creating an increasingly challenging environment for the artists. Audiences watch from outside as Executives make announcements on amendments and appendments, promote the company’s brand, and artists do what they have to, to keep receiving support.  

Tough Guy Mountain thanks the support of Whippersnapper Gallery, Nuit Blanche and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photo Credits: Mohammad Rezaei

Supporting The Arts