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DIY Giftshop

Shopping Software Interface & Performance, 2015

DIY Giftshop explores a specific corporate strategy normally unavailable as a strategy for artists: The branded promotional item giveaway. While promotional giveaways do not directly make money, they do provide a user-friendly experience, positive associations towards a brand, and increased awareness and understanding of a brand. These are all things artists desire. As artists, we are unlikely to use this strategy because it would require too large a percentage of the small amount of financial resources we possess. What DIY Giftshop does instead is research and present information about promotional giveaways, through a showroom and online catalogue of potential item TGM would giveaway. The online catalogue connects the user with a wide variety of third-party custom item providers and uploads the TGM logo and colors to these sites. This allows the user to buy TGM branded promotional items from third-party suppliers, cutting out TGM as the middleman, also removing the financial obstacle from the artist.

DIY Giftshop was presented at XPACE Gallery, The Power Plant Gallery and through the Roundtable Residency.

Tough Guy Mountain thanks the Toronto Arts Council for its generous support of DIY Giftshop.

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